Exportation from Russian Federation

Exportation is a material determinant of importation and a result of international division of labor, as far as exportation proceeds are the main sources of payments for import. Exportation means to ship the capitals, goods and services out of the country for trade abroad. Also it refers to transit through the territory of the foreign country, shipping goods out of the country for processing, and for re-export as well, that means goods importation for purposes of following trade in the third country.

The fact of exportation is fixed at a moment when a service is giving to the overseas partner or goods crossing state borders.   The customs registration of exporting goods means not only paying customs fees and duties but also performing a number of special operations. For instance, each cargo category is to be packed and registered according to the security requirements and economic policy of the country. Another thing is that goods at the moment of being actually crossing the borders are to be in the same condition as at the period of customs registration.   That means that proper storage conditions are to be provided for goods intended for exportation.

That is the reason why most companies of foreign trade activities prefer to entrust passing the customs procedures to experts, who are well versed in closing foreign trade deals, familiar with peculiarities of drawing up the relevant documents etc.   The procedure of closing the export-oriented foreign-trade deal starts from draft calculations of contract price according to the client’s data and tailoring the most suitable shipment base. Next is to come to the final agreement, to sign the shipping contract with the client (Seller) and the export contract with overseas Buyer.

After getting payments from Buyer, this is time to drawing up the documents for non-tariff regulation of exportation outside Russian Federation and to start procedure of customs clearance, cargo insurance and transportation. Finally cargo is shipping according to the terms of shipment figured out in the contract.   Therefore our company guarantees legally clear and efficient closing of any export-oriented deal, which is possible due to the extremely expertized personnel and our highest competence in this field.

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