Forwarding Services

Freight forwarding is rendering shipping and carriage services  for consignors and/or consignees.

Freight forwarding is our supplementary service.

Both by exportation and importation, goods are transported and transportation costs are commonly included into the total price. Nevertheless, in particular cases we are ready to help you with  freight forwarding only.

Here you are a short list of our forwarding services:

- routing multi-modal shipment (when more than one transport mode is used);
- signing contracts with other expeditors and participants of transportation process for freight of  sea and inland water transport, airplanes, wagons ant automotive vehicles;
- drawing up consignments, bills of lading, airway bills and any other documents required for delivery;
- transportation taxes and other duties and fees payments;
- interaction with insurance companies for cargo insurance, assisting in drawing up the documents for cargo arrived with damage, shortage  or spoilage;
- customs brokerage for export-import carriage;
- cargo tracking and tracing;
- cargo on the way redirecting;
- drawing up permissions and other documents for  hazardous, bulky and heavy goods carriage.

Above is fare not the full range of services that could be rendered under the forwarding contract.


Multi-modal transportation

So-called multimodal/intermodal transportation is the most complicate forwarding service.

In order to select optimal way of transportation we can combine transportation by air, sea, road and rail. Multi-modal transportation is especially recommended in the following cases:

  • Cargo dimensions and weight are out of standard
  • Delivery points are not reachable by only one mode of transport
  • In order to save transportation costs