Importation to Russian Federation

Importation is traditionally understood as supplying of goods, stocks, papers, services etc. from abroad  for purposes of trade. Goods importation procedure is performed under special regulations, legislative norms and instructions, stipulated in Customs Code and Tax Code of Russian Federation As a kind of economic transaction, import is liable for taxation.  While importing goods to Russian Federation, there are taxes and fees that are to be paid such as  

  • Import Duty;
  • VAT;
  • Excise tax;
  • Customs fees.

Listed taxes and fees are to be paid by declarant or by person authorized by declarant when goods cross the customs border while importing them to the customs territory of the country. If you choose to employ customs broker company services, this is broker who shall make all payments connected to importation. To import goods, there is a definite set of documents, to be submitted by declarant, among which there are copies of articles of association (incorporation) for the company-importer. It is also impossible to import goods without submitting the delivery contract (both original and the copy of it), invoice, customs cargo declaration and all the cargo documents. If necessary, there are also certificates, licenses, and other permissive documents to be presented by declarant or his authorized person. Besides, importation assume packing lists, where cargo weight and overall dimensions are figured out, packaging type. The proper way of submitting data in the customs declaration is highly significant for importation procedure. It happens very often that success legally relevant completion of customs cargo declaration is crucial for the importation success. DEM-S  will assist you to import goods to Russia. Though we are unable to become your Importation Agent according to the Russian legislation, it is prohibited for the company which is  non-resident of Russian Federation to become our Principal. Yet we are able to perform services as a participant of foreign trade contract – as Importer.